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Annually, a quarter million Americans die from preventable medical errors. ConveneMed’s mission is to reduce these errors using our patented smart glasses designed to improve clinician workflow, efficacy, and safety. 

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Extending clinician’s vision, intelligence & mobility

Advancement in medical technology is radically disrupting traditional healthcare, replacing long-standing procedures with modern, responsive, and efficient processes. We invite you to join the medical revolution with ConveneMed as we introduce our advanced wearable technology, built to extend clinician vision, intelligence, and mobility, to the growing Telemedicine market. 

Significantly improve workflow, safety, & efficacy. See more patients & save more lives.

Reduce medical errors with ConveneMed as procedures become faster, easier, and safer.

Remote medical care allows patients to receive treatment in the comfort of their home.

Wireless capabilities provide hands-free connection to clinicians across town and around the world. 

ConveneMed helps proctor physicians from afar for credentialing.

Better hand-eye coordination means everyday procedures such as ultrasounds become faster, easier, and safer.


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Transforming Healthcare with Augmented Intelligence, Helping Physicians See More Patients, Save More Lives, and Make More Money Like Never Before

With ConveneMed, clinicians have the augmented intelligence they need to make better decisions in front of them all of the time.

ConveneMed’s Clinical Platform is a wearable computer that offers proprietary clinical features. Better hand-eye coordination means everyday procedures such as ultrasounds become faster, easier, and safer. Physicians can remotely monitor and assist others in training – seeing in real-time what their colleagues see. This means clinicians can see more patients, make more money, and call upon specialists when needed. 


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