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ConveneMed: How doctors, technology and caregivers convene at the patients’ bedside to deliver faster, cheaper, and more complete telemedicine outcomes.

Extending clinician’s vision, intelligence & mobility

ConveneMed Telemedicine Platform

Based on the only commercially available FDA grade clinical smart glasses for highly regulated hospitals & surgical clinics, enables doctors to perform diagnosis & procedures never before possible. Low-cost clinicians & EMTs wear the glasses to perform remote AI-based differential diagnosis, image-based procedures and more, directly at the patient location, while live-streaming a doctor enabling remote proctoring, credentialing, and RN consent required for telemedicine reimbursement. This brings true telemedicine to the underserved across the globe, saving time, money, and lives.


The only FDA grade clinical smart glasses allow remote located MD’s to see under skin, perform AI-driven diagnosis, in hospital or out. Worn by low-cost clinicians, delivers faster/cheaper/more complete Telemedicine to under-served patients across the globe.
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The ConveneMed platform improves outcomes for patients, doctors, clinicians, and payers via a unique combination of wearable tech, software, and knowledge expertise, that delivers medical care faster, cheaper, and more completely, directly at the patient bedside.

Physicians can remotely monitor and assist others in training – seeing in real-time what their colleagues see. This means clinicians can see more patients, make more money, and call upon specialists when needed.

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Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Medical Assistants, Therapists, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Respiratory Therapists

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Stakeholder Benefits

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Receive a complete diagnosis at the time and place of your convenience, in your home, school or place of work.
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Nurses, practioners, physician assistants and medics extend doctor's capabilities and deliver more valuable care per visit.
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Doctors supervise "physician extenders" and expand their practice while enjoying a flexible schedule and higher billings.
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"Payers" such as insurance and medicare providers benefit from lower patient costs, fewer office visits, and happier clients.

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