About Us

About Us

Mission Healthcare concept.

Our Mission

ConveneMed’s mission is to foundationally improve the outcomes of Telehealth for patients, doctors, and payers, through the unique combination of technology, software, and knowledge expertise delivered directly at the point of care or point of diagnosis, namely the patient bedside.
Dubbed ‘Convenience Care’, the ConveneMed solution combines patent-pending mobile technology, with SaaS application software that allows nurses and clinicians to act as remote extensions of the Doctors. This brings true telemedicine to the underserved across the globe, saving time, money, and lives.

How Can We Help Your Business?

ConveneMed has combined FDA-certified clinical Smart Glasses with patent pending mobile technology and SaaS application software to deliver a solution that allows doctors to diagnose and perform procedures remotely, using healthcare workers as remote extensions of Doctors.

Physician Extenders

Physicians can remotely monitor and assist others in training-–seeing in real-time what their colleagues see. This means clinicians can see more patients, make more money, and call upon specialists when needed. Nurses, Physician Assistants, Emergency Medical Technicians, Medical Assistants, Therapists, Medical Doctors, and Physical Therapists can deliver healthcare services from anywhere--at home, at work, at school, a hospital or a remote clinic.


ConveneMed's FDA-certified clinical Smart Glasses with patent pending mobile technology and SaaS application software enables virtual patient examinations, one-button ultrasounds, vascular imaging and differential diagnosis. The solution works with Doximity, Pocket Pharmacist, Dragon Dictation, Medscape, Up-to-Date, and Human Anatomy Atlas.


Doctors supervise clinicians, extend their capabilities and expand their practice while enjoying a flexible schedule and higher billings. Clinicians deliver more valuable care so patients can receive a complete diagnosis at the time and place of their convenience. Payers, such as insurance companies and medicare providers benefit from lower patient costs, fewer office visits and happier clients.

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