CG-5 Clinical Smart Glasses

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

The ConveneMed platform starts with leading-edge medical technology, in the form of ConveneMed CG-5 clinical smart-glasses. These are the first smart glasses on the market bespoke to medical use, with the addition of proprietary lights and cameras designed for medical imaging, along with proven optics and wearable features, these FDA-grade glasses are designed for use in this highly regulated space that no other glasses manufacturer has penetrated.

But the ConveneMed solution is more than a head-mounted wearable computer. It adds a proprietary bedside imaging/software solution and service offerings to enable doctors and clinicians to see the unseen, including imaging studies such as subcutaneous wound diagnosis and vein imagery, skin breakdown, sensitive patient informatics and more, all while simultaneously being recorded or live-streamed to doctors and consult experts anywhere in the world. This core service offering includes medical-grade image and video capture for asynchronous diagnosis, special lights and cameras that enable vision under the skin beyond human capability, POV video streaming for remote doctor diagnosis and proctoring, and wireless screen mirroring allowing hand-eye coordination while viewing ultrasounds, scope, etc. See below for feature sets: