ConveneMed Software

The ConveneMed Software Platform (CSP) 5.0 release is the most extensible and feature-rich generation of software support yet available for the ConveneMed Medical product solutions.

While at their core the ConveneMed Clinical smart-glasses provide medical grade imaging in FDA regulated environments for point of care diagnosis and procedures, in all cases the ConveneMed solution brings together the hardware, the patient, and the clinician to deliver the solutions. Examples of this paradigm in the table below:

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ConveneMed Convenience Care

The ConveneMed direct to market and Partner program will culminate in a network effect of more users and more use cases will expedite the ConveneMed definitive strategy to foster a three-sided market of patients, clinicians, and doctors enabled by the ConveneMed platform. This PaaS model brings together the bespoke medical hardware, proven use cases, and unique ability to define billable services.

  • ConveneMed, Partners, and Payee’s market the ConveneMed platform to the patient community promoting faster service, convenience of location, and completeness of diagnosis.
  • ConveneMed markets to Clinicians and doctors with the opportunity to flex their certified capabilities to perform work at their convenience, providing more time to see patients and associated additional income.
  • ConveneMed hardware provides the capability to perform a diagnosis or procedure, then identifies patients who need the above procedure/diagnosis, where they are, where and when they want the service rendered
  • ConveneMed software then automatically and preemptively confirms that the procedure will be paid for/reimbursed, and for how much
  • ConveneMed then connects to our network of available clinicians and our network of available doctors to provide the medical proctoring.
  • Then ConveneMed devices is carried/shipped/or Uber’d directly to the point of care. The hardware, clinician, patient and the doctor (remotely) convene at the patient bedside to deliver care.
  • ConveneMed takes base $$ for this service network
  • Clinician is promised X $$ for their time, travel etc – variable per visit
  • Cost to get hardware to patient site to meet time of clinician arrival covered
  • Doctors bid for the remainder of the service $$ – low price wins, ConveneMed keeps the remainder of the service reimbursement $$

Doctor with a stethoscope. Telemedicine concept

Platform Features:

The Android-based device launcher providing a consistent ConveneMed user experience
Proprietary applications to control the Clinical Glasses (EOG) and Tablet (TG-) product imaging multi-spectral light (MSL) and ultrasound capabilities
The ConveneMed InSight Mobile Ecosystem that provides for remote management and support
An extensible CSP Software Development Kit (SDK) that will enable strategic partners to enhance and further expand upon the capabilities of the ConveneMed Medical family of mobile medical solutions through well-defined library APIs
Supports the FDA Mobile Medical Applications – Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff guidelines
Is designed and implemented to be consistent with the latest best practices supporting medical device interoperability (Rationale and Architecture Principles for Medical Application Platforms).