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ConveneMed’s mission is to foundationally improve the outcomes of Telehealth for patients, doctors, and payers, through the unique combination of technology, software, and knowledge expertise delivered directly at the point of care or point of diagnosis, namely the patient bedside. Dubbed ‘Convenience Care’, the ConveneMed solution combines patent-pending mobile technology, specifically FDA-grade Clinical smart-glasses, with SaaS application software that allows nurses and clinicians to act as remote extensions of the Doctors.

These lower cost, certified clinicians travel with the mobile ConveneMed glasses to the patient location, be it in a hospital, a nursing home, a clinic, or the patient’s home. Clinicians can perform procedures enabled through the ConveneMed glasses onboard features or by real-time guidance from the remote doctor via the point of view (POV) camera on the ConveneMed glasses. The result is a higher percentage of successful and complete telehealth visits that provide the patient with faster diagnosis and treatment, extend the doctors’ ability to treat more patients per hour, and save insurance companies and patients significant expense.

Interested in investing? Opportunities still exist in ConveneMed’s pre-commercialization phase for qualified and investors to help us reach our clients and our goals. Contact us to learn more. (1)
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