Join the ConveneMed Partnering Developer Program

ConveneMed is currently seeking qualified companies with existing medical imaging, proctoring, and telemedicine applications to join the ConveneMed Partner Developer Program. Port your existing solutions to the ConveneMed clinical smart glasses, and open up new users, markets, and sales channels. ConveneMed will provide firmware, early hardware, and developer support prior to commercial product launch to a select few application partners in an effort to minimize development cycles, vet use cases, and sell to early users. A portfolio of partners with varying use cases, business models, regions and end-user profiles will ensure the ConveneMed hardware platform reaches the broadest market, and provide the most value for users. Contact us below for more details.
Medicine healthcare and trust concept, doctor shaking hands with patient colleague after talking about medical examination results.

A Program Built for and With Partners

Bi-lateral development of hardware and software solutions increase speed to market and efficacy of use case and market demand

Mutual success via shared costs, sales, and revenue based on application, region, etc

Exclusive access to ConveneMed’s Convenience Care network of patients, clinicians, and doctors.