ConveneMed Services

The ConveneMed platform improves outcomes for patients, doctors, clinicians, and payers via a unique combination of platform, software, and knowledge expertise, that delivers medical care better efficacy, improved workflow, increased revenue directly at the patient bedside.

While at their core the ConveneMed Clinical smart-glasses provide medical grade imaging in FDA regulated environments for point of care diagnosis and procedures, in all cases the ConveneMed solution brings together the hardware, the patient, and the clinician to deliver the solutions. Examples of this paradigm in the table below:

ConveneMed Software Services

ConveneMed makes medical care convenient and immediately accessible for the first time in modern history.

  • Medical-Control guiding Community-Nurse/Medic is a long-proven model utilized by most modern militaries. Physician at Medical-Control (hospital/clinic/office) supervises/guides Community-Nurse/Medics from afar. Working asynchronously; 1 Physician can support roughly 20 Extenders. Patient Benefit; faster treatment, better efficacy, all from the comfort of their location; home, school, work…
  • High labor efficiency using Remote Physician Extenders making Digital House Calls. Physician come to patient Digitally, no wasted time. Lower-cost staff/extender does the hands-on exam/treatment, any travel/tedious work.
  • Physician Benefit: see more patients per day; mostly asynchronous, therefore more freedom/flexibility. Payer Benefit: great convenience, so attracts more physicians as well as more patients. More efficient for all; therefore, increases revenue and improved job satisfaction for all.


Platform Features:

The Android-based device launcher providing a consistent ConveneMed user experience
Proprietary applications to control the Clinical Glasses (EOG) and Tablet (TG-) product imaging multi-spectral light (MSL) and ultrasound capabilities
The ConveneMed InSight Mobile Ecosystem that provides for remote management and support
An extensible CSP Software Development Kit (SDK) that will enable strategic partners to enhance and further expand upon the capabilities of the ConveneMed Medical family of mobile medical solutions through well-defined library APIs
Supports the FDA Mobile Medical Applications – Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff guidelines
Is designed and implemented to be consistent with the latest best practices supporting medical device interoperability (Rationale and Architecture Principles for Medical Application Platforms).